Steve Shaw, Business Coach

Hi, I am an experienced Business Coach who has helped hundreds of small business owners change the way they think. Their new thinking has helped improve profitability, team performance and the amount of personal time their business demands of them.

What makes me a good coach? 

  • Results, I focus my energy on helping you create measurable improvements. I understand you need to see a good return on your investment of time and money (in your coaching programme) and real progress towards your goals.

  • I hate mediocrity in all things, I am committed to being the best I can be, and this extends to my clients, if you are committed and passionate about your business we might work well together. 

What can I do for you and your business? 

  • I recognise that you may find it difficult to put into words exactly what you are looking for from your business. However, I help my clients get real clarify around their vision and goals which makes achieving them so much easier. Helping you develop plans and seeing them implemented is critical in ensuring that you achieve the progress you are after.
  • I assume you are looking to generate more profit, this provides the means to impact your business in all respects, giving you choices that just aren't realistic when your "break even" is too close, so this topic is nearly always a priority.  Hear others experiences
  • Your development as an indivdual, your personal confidence, knowledge and skills as a business owner will all grow through working with me. I consider "one on one coaching" a practical MBA using your business as the case study.

What reassurance can I give that I can help you?

  • I claim I can help anyone running a business, that would include you,  it could be through the use of best practice in marketing, sales, finance, planning, communications or team building. Even if you are applying everything really effectively it could be having a sounding board and an external "honest" perspective on your business where you get the help you need. Read what others have said.

How am I qualified to do this?

  • My training, (more than 1,300 hours)
  • My experience (SME coaching since 1995)
  • My ongoing commitment and passion to be the best business coach I can be. My tutors include many of the top names in business and personal development, from Anthony Robbins, Michael Gerber, Keith Cunningham, Brad Sugars, I network regularly with some of the top coaches in the world ensuring that the learning never stops.

My favourite quote is:-

 “You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win”. Zig Ziglar.

Where is our base?

  • In Wokingham,  so we work mainly with small business owners in Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire.