Company profile - Domestique

  • Domestic cleaning Company operating in Berkshire.
  • Employing a direct and indirect team of up to 135.

Business situation

The business owner Leigh was operating a Cleaning Franchise and making it work successfully.

The level of support being received was very limited and the opportunity to develop it beyond where it was, was also very limited.

As with all franchises there were elements of business strategy choice that couldn’t be explored because of the franchise agreement conditions.

Leigh was often looking at other business opportunities of which many were franchises as ways of expanding his income opportunities.


Leigh decided that his shortfall in experience and knowledge would benefit from working with a Sapphire Coach.  His initial fears were that there would not be enough money in the business to afford Steve.

He and Steve met and decided that the solution was to invest half a day in the initial planning session and then work together on the “Foundation” coaching program.

Through these discussions a 3 to 5 year plan became clear, an exit strategy from the current franchise and  the creation of a new Company. The work involved in preparing it to become the model, making it available as a franchise itself became the focus over the next 12/18 months.

This was achieved very cost effectively and the Franchise offering became available and continues to develop and evolve successfully.


The implementation of basic principles such as “do the work once, earn money forever” and “create a significant USP to differentiate yourselves from the competition” and a number of others have allowed Leigh to now have a really scalable, profitable business that is using leverage effectively and allowing the Vision for his business to be fulfilled.

Not only is the journey challenging and rewarding but Leigh has developed as an entrepreneur and his thinking has changed to enable him to explore opportunities against a different set of benchmarks which are now about creating wealth.