Since starting with our Coach my attitude to my business has dramatically changed. My outlook is positive and upbeat and I can now see a future for the business. I actually enjoy going to work again for the first time in years.

Our coach has re installed confidence in not only the business but also in me personally. I now feel my actions within my business are being measured and I’m being steered in the right direction.

Andy Stephenson. Director, Studio Systems Electronics Ltd


"Steve is our business coach and has been instrumental in changing my mindset in the way I approach my business - from being a professional creative running a business to a business professional running a creative business. Largely down to this change, I was entered for and won an Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2011.

He has guided us through a period of considerable growth, helped with team building and HR issues, helped us develop reporting systems and processes and has been an excellent sounding board along the way."

Robin Horrex, Director and Founder of Magic Button Creative Group


I have been intending to put my thoughts down in print for a while now so apologise for the delay in doing so. 

My wish is to express how valuable the experience of working with you has been over these past few months.

The term “working on the business opposed in the business” is so simple yet one of the hardest to achieve but once you master the value of doing this and realise the benefits that can be achieved from it, you are most definitely heading along the right path.

It has taught me to look at the Company from a different angle from time to time and try not to be too one dimensional when approaching problems or issues that need to be resolved.

The sessions with regards to establishing how to break out the true net profit per file and the calculations to see the kind of increase in business you need to see if you want to achieve your aims, are invaluable and of constant reference.

All in all, a very valuable and interesting experience and one which I would not hesitate to recommend to other company owners.

Thanks again

- David Stevens. MD, Advantage Worldwide (UK) Ltd


I have been working with Steve for more than three years now. Steve’s contribution to my business has been invaluable. His insight, guidance and inspiration helped me to develop a plan that has made me focus on the core growth areas of my business with a structured and targeted plan. I have been so impressed that I now engage Steve to coach all my franchisees and his services are now one of the cornerstones of my business. I cannot recommend Steve highly enough. If you have the desire and commitment to really move your business to a new level Steve’s skills can help you achieve your goals.

- Leigh Prendiville. MD, Domestique Ltd


Our business coach has focussed my thoughts and in doing so has created time to think about my business and the actions needed to improve its performance.

The comfort of having someone (our coach) to ask questions and know that the answers I get will be based upon knowledge gained from experience, thus avoiding my time spent researching the answers myself.

The presence of my coach has provided the spur I needed to carry out the tasks that I didn’t realise needed to be done.

John Stephenson. Director SSE Ltd


I had come to the point of realisation after running my business for almost 5 years that something had to change!

Through my “Group Workshop” sessions with Sapphire Coach Steve Shaw I now believe I have the tools to build a bigger, better, stronger business which will be sustainable for years to come.

Sapphire has helped me focus on the basics and understand the fundamental Sapphire Synergy principles required to run a profitable, healthy business. It has also given me a positive learning environment mixing with other business people who have faced the same challenges as I have.

This time working “on the business” has been the most valuable time I have spent in the last 5 years.

- Simon Richards. Director, Novo Property Solutions Ltd


The value of the learning’s from coming onto this course will become the building blocks for future, development and prosperity.

The tools that we have been given to use will help us to develop both ourselves personally and the business for long term strength and durability.

The teaching methods have been both very informative and enjoyable and I believe that the benefits will be both long term and far reaching and I would recommend this course most highly.

Instruction and information imparted clearly and precisely by Steve whose willingness and enthusiasm for our personal and business success was very evident.

I believe that this has been a most worthwhile investment for future success.

I would like to thank Steve for his professionalism. Most enjoyable and I cannot recommend more highly.

- Cavan J Riley. Director, Racing Gearboxes Ltd


Steve helped us take time out from the day to day challenges to focus on business strategy. As a result we have been able to make organisational changes to facilitate growth and achieve key business objectives.

- Sue Armstrong. Managing Director, Zone Design Ltd


I am very pleased with the business coaching results we have experienced since working with Steve Shaw.

He asks the tough questions a coach should, to challenge what we do and how we do it.

We have said "you only know what you know" and Steve has been able to add considerably to this with his sales and marketing experience and running small businesses.

His style suits us and we feel very comfortable as he achieves a good balance between coaching and mentoring. He respects our knowledge of our market and clients and he doesn't lose sight of the fact that it is our goals that are to be achieved.

 He has grasped what our business challenges are very quickly and has made some very relevant and incisive suggestions.

Making us think differently about a number of topics has meant that we are now focussed on achieving the goals he has helped us get clarity on.

Our goals and objectives are well thought through and documented for the next 3 years. Our marketing and sales approach to business development is now well defined and integrated with our revenue targets.

We have found Steve to be reliable, experienced, professional, knowledgeable and results orientated.

I consider we have received massive return on our investment and anyone considering coaching as a means of taking your business to the next level or just stabilising it ready for significant growth, then I would recommend it.

- Sharon Young. Director, PearlCatchers Ltd


Dear Steve

I wanted to thank you for your help and guidance over recent months for me and my business.

It has been very valuable and has helped in areas I hadn't expected.

Before working with you we were really struggling to get our heads around the strategic issues we were facing with the launch of our new software product whilst keeping the existing business running smoothly. We have benefited from a significant boost in our Marketing planning for the launch with a much better understanding of our message and how to deliver it.

Another breakthrough for us has been the value in focussing on the numbers associated with our planning and sales targeting. The exercise of forecasting resources to match our planned growth was particularly useful.

All in all, really valuable time spent and the bonus I wasn't expecting was great help with recruitment. To any business owner considering coaching I would recommend Sapphire and Steve 100%.

Richard Wallace - MD, Ti Thermal Imaging Ltd