Team Development

This workshop is all about getting more from the one part of your business that almost certainly has more to give.

It is said that you get the team you deserve and in many cases it won’t be the team you want, so what can you do to change this around.

We will evaluate the Vision, Mission and Culture of your business and understand what a leaders role should be in building and leading the team.

How do you improve communications in your team?
How do you get your team buying into your vision for where you are, to where you want the business to be?
How do you get your team to use its’ initiative and help deliver the results you are after.
How to ensure you have round pegs in round holes and square pegs in square holes?
Get your dream team, with everyone understanding what accountability, ownership and responsibility means in their role at your business.

Building a culture of Win/Win in your business is critical to improving customer service and a team that all feel part of something they can be proud of.

The cost of this workshop is £350 per delegate (2nd delegate from same Company £200)
If you are looking for an “In House” event just for your team, then we need to discuss this with you to arrive at an appropriate fee.

Fill out your name and number, Steve will give you a call.