Recommended Tools

It is always easier to fill in the gaps and personalise something rather than dream it up from scratch so here are a few templates that I make available to my clients (so they are well tested) to allow you to do this with my compliments.

  • New Business Start up Expenses - This spreadsheet will help you record the detail of the funding needed to get your business up and running.

  • 12 Month Sales Forecast - Enter your educated guesses into this worksheet, either in sales value or in units to arrive at your Annual forecast.

  • 12 month Profit and Loss Projection - Using your sales forecast figures and your educated guesses about all the operating costs use this worksheet to calculate what your profits will look like in 12 months time.

  • 3 Year Profit Forecast - This worksheet allows you to record your projections for the next 3 years. This is a great tool to use each year so you have a rolling 3 year forecast all the time.

  • Personal Financial statement - Go through the steps to complete this worksheet and you will have a one page financial statement, often required to support any discussions about loans or re financing.

  • Break Even Analysis - Populate this worksheet with your figures to see what level of sales you need to “break even”. Do this exercise for different periods, a year, a month and a week so you understand when you start working for profit.

  • The Wheel of Life - Is your life in balance?  Complete this exercise being as honest with your scoring as you can, to highlight where you would benefit from focussing more energy.

  • Business Questionnaire - 100 questions about your business and where it is today, follow the instructions and once we have it completed we will send you a report that can form the basis for a sensible discussion about how we can help.

  • Daily Time Log - Use this to record how you are spending your time at the moment, create categories that will allow you to group time spent on similar activity, i.e. marketing, admin, travelling, etc'.

  • Time Log Summary - Use this once you have completed a weeks worth of daily time logs to summarise time spent in your categories, then you can start making some informed decisions.