Business Coaching Workshops

Is running your own business lonely? Many of the business owners we work with think it can be.

Attending one of our workshops achieves a number of things.

It reminds you that you are not the only business owner going through the challenges of growing a business. A problem shared is halved or so they say. 

There are some common activities that all business owners should get involved in, we think the top one is Planning, if you have employees then we think the next one would be team building, guess what our two most popular workshops are.


A full one day event, so afterwards you can answer YES to these questions:-

Do you have a business plan? Do you have an outline of what your business will look like in 3 years time? What are your annual milestones in this process? What are you going to focus on over the next 3 months to ensure you are on track?, do you have a detailed action plan?.


No doubt your biggest asset and no doubt the one topic you lose most sleep over. A full one day event for you and your team, we hold these events in clients premises if appropriate, or at a local facility. We focus on improving communications which improves everything from sales to team morale.


The one area of your business that you can improve with very little expenditure. The conversion rate from enquiry to new customer is a great snapshot of how well you are doing at the moment,  do you know yours?  Once you can measure it, then you can see the sort of improvements that are typical after attending our one day workshop. (and implementing the ideas into your sales process)


Fill out your name and number, Steve will give you a call.