Frequently Asked Questions

How can a Coach help me?

A coach will help you refine your ideas and put them into practice. 
You will get guidance to expand the repertoire of your marketing strategies. 
You will have someone outside, looking in, “feedback is the breakfast of champions”.
Your business is seen as your clients see it.  
You become accountable to someone who is unbiased.
You will learn to leverage yourself “out” of your business with someone who knows how to do it.  
You will learn how a new team member can be an investment, not an expense.

Do I need a Coach?

Great question but one you need to answer yourself. If you want to change your situation, more money, more free time and to feel in control, then coaching may well be the answer for you.

It might be taking your business to the next level or positioning it so you can start to step out of the day to day running, these are both situations where a coach could help. 

Follow our “Contact” link above so you find out, with no obligation.

How much will a Coach charge?

The fees will depend on what service is right for you, your budget and what you are trying to achieve. Fees range from a few hundred per month to a few thousand, the approach that we take at Sapphire is that we would only recommend a service that becomes self financing within 6 months.

How long will I need a Coach?

A minimum of 12 months is recommended although a better question is “why would you stop? “ Only if you believe you are not getting real value from the relationship. 

Is industry experience needed?

Strangely no, in many ways it is better if they don’t. Industry experience brings with it a limiting perspective rather than being open minded to explore all possibilities. For example if you believe telemarketing doesn’t work in your industry because you have had poor experience of it, and as your coach I have also run a company in your industry with similar experience then telemarketing is obviously a complete waste of time.

The value a coach brings is to have someone ask the question “what do we need to do, to make telemarketing work for us?” When you start asking the right questions, better ideas that stand a chance of delivering often appear.

Am I coachable?

The business owners who get the most from coaching typically have the following qualities:-

1 – They are passionate and committed about their business.
2 – They are open minded to new ideas and to revisit old ones.
3 – They are prepared to move out of their comfort zone to make progress.
4 – The chances are they have said or thought “We can’t go on like this, something has to change!”

What is the process?

The starting point is to visit our "contact" page and begin the process, there is no commitment until we have gone through at least 3 steps, so there is nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain.

How does coaching differ to consulting?

Consulting is where a specialist is commissioned by you to fulfil a project, they do the work to your brief and once it’s done they go away until it needs doing again.

Coaches are generalists and work with you on a wide range of business and personal development topics. They support, guide, challenge, encourage and educate you, but you do the work, so that next time you will do it even better.

How many people are at a Workshop?

Typically we have 5 to 6 businesses at a workshop so each can receive enough individual attention.

Where are they held?

We have a number of venues that are used, each one chosen because the meeting facilities are good and are easy to get to. We aim to use the venues dependant on where delegates are based.

What is included in the fee?

All workshop materials, workbooks, reference materials, refreshments for the day including morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea are included.

What are the fees to attend a workshop?

The cost to attend a planning or sales workshop is £350. The team building workshop price is discussed and agreed individually with each Company.

Do I get a reduced fee if two of us attend?

The cost of a second delegate from the same Company is £150.

Can you run in house workshops on other subjects?

Custom workshops to suit your specific needs can be prepared and delivered very cost effectively, on many business topics, let’s have a chat…